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Creative Ticketing Solutions.

Crafting incredible digital products for your unique and forward-thinking clients. All company sizes welcome.


Our History Creating Digital Experiences

We were haunters just like you, the owner of our haunt retired and we decided to start offering our products to other owners who were sick of the insane fees associated with ticketing.  No matter the inflation, we keep our prices the same.  We know in this crazy inflationary world we need partners that have our best interests in mind.  That is why we do not add fees or take a percentage of any ticket sales.  Some of us were managers of haunts, actors, and support staff.  Veteran owned and operated and based in the wonderful Hoosier state. 

Our Services What We Offer

Ticketing Solutions

Beautiful, functional, and effortless designs with a purpose. We design each clients calendar and ticket options on your needs.

Web Design

Don’t have a site that works for you, we can develop your site to the you need it to work. All included in the price for ticketing.

IT Problems

Have you ever tried calling your hosting company? Most of the time you may not even know the words to describe the problem, wouldn’t you like to have an ally that stops people from techno jargoning you?

Ticketing Options

The ticketing fees can be added and removed as you see fit. Our software runs on your site and does not require customers to go to a third party server. Shouldn’t your deposits go directly to you instead of waiting a week to get paid?


With unlimited ticket options we can customize any experience you need. You need timed ticketing, season passes, pre-sales, Fast passes, Calendar Interface, Block interface, Live Shows, Customized discounts for groups, Coupon Codes.

No More Profit Sharing

Fees are fees, the only difference is you keep them. Your gateway is used not a third party. Are you needing a solution and cash light, we have programs for small haunts to get their bearings. A wise man once said “The rising tides raises all ships”

Client Testimonials Reach out to one of them, we would prefer it this way. In todays world optics can be changed with a keyboard. Just starting out as a new owner, reach out and we can get you in contact with someone that can help.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost?

We have charged the same rate shince our inception.  No matter your needs its is always $3,500 per year.  That includes off season events to expand your revenue.  Check last seasons sales, how much did you spend on ticketing? Just because they pass the price directly to the customer does not mean your not paying for it.

Sounds good but we are just starting out and that is a bit steep?

My last year running a large scale haunted house we spent $19,000 on ticketing fees, That was unacceptable, we keep are prices reasonable as your success is yours.  If your light we can do payment plans so you can focus that money to getting your actors and staff paid. 

Do I need to buy new equipment?

No!  We can use any smart phone or tablet or pc.  All endpoints are encrypted and secure.  Tickets are encrypted and emailed directly to the customer with a fast scan QR code. The processing is ran directly from your site so no need to worry about some server in India going down on your opening night.  We are here and ready to assist when you are open, there is no automated system.  You call, we answer!

Why can’t I buy this online?

We are people, not some faceless company.  We enter in partnerships with our clients.  It would be irresponsible of us to sell you something without at least a meeting to cover how the system works.  Reach out to us and schedule an appointment.

I am sold, what do we do to get started?

We will have to schedule a walk thru to ensure our software is the best fit for you.  Contact us, we will schedule a meeting and we can show you the backend, how it looks to the customer, and how to scan tickets.  After we discuss all your needs and if you want we can go ahead and get a copy of the upcoming schedule.  We install our software on your site and build the ticket to your specifications. Between a week and couple days before you open we will schedule a demo so your management team can feel comfortable with the process and teach your attendants how to scan tickets.  Then when you open we will monitor traffic thru your site to prevent server issues, when your open, we are at the phones.  We specialize in haunt services so we understand late nights are par for the course.

Are you ready to own your Ticketing?